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    Joi L. Brown-Thompson

    It’s me, Joi and I love the Zumba®  fitness program.  I am a licensed Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Kids & Kids, Jr, and Certified Aquatic Instructor of H20 within the Washington Metropolitan Area.

    I love teaching Zumba® classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! It’s fun and fitness all at the same time.  I have been an instructor since December 2012 and have been teaching ever since.  Teaching Zumba® allows me to help others enjoy being physically active and reach their fitness goals in a fun and exciting way.  My classes are high energy with easy-to-follow choreograph steps and upbeat music that create a party atmosphere. 

    Check out my class schedule at: http://joibrownthompson.zumba.com.  Remember that with every Small Step you take and move in Zumba®, you will see Big Results.

    Mary Bryant

    Mary began her fitness career in 1991. She performs her fun, exciting, and safe aerobic routines under the name of   “Get-Up-And-Move with Mary”.  

    Mary is an AAAI Certified Senior Aerobics’ Instructor in Primary and Advanced and recently received the certifications for, Enhance Fitness, and H2O Aquatic Fitness.   

    Mary’s safe routines include cardio fitness, strength conditioning (hand-held weights), toning exercises (exercises bands) to shape the body, and stretching. The choreography routines are simple and allow plenty of time for the student to learn the moves. She uses the stability ball as well.   

    Currently, Mary instructs “The Mixed Ages Senior Aerobic Classes” at the Lake Arbor Community Center in Largo, MD, and the Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center in Washington D.C. Throughout the years, Mary has also taught at Bally’s, World Gym, and the Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center, in Washington, DC. She has volunteered at many scheduled events throughout Prince Georges County and Washington, D.C., area. In the summer of 2007, 2008 and 2009 she was the requested senior instructor for the senior “Camp Dynamite” in Hagerstown, Maryland. In addition, Ms Bryant has had the privilege to demonstrate her fitness expertise at the 2008 Annual NBC 4 Fitness Expo held in Washington D.C. Mary’s “Mixed Ages” and “Mature Adults”

    Wilma Consol

    Wilma has been teaching Zumba since 2010, but she’s been dancing since she was four. She’s certified in AFAA (Group Exercise) and Zumba (Basics 1, Zumbatomic and Gold). Zumba combines her passion for dance, love of teaching and vision of a healthy community. Her classes reflect her diverse training and experiences in movement from Afro-Haitian to Polynesian and Dunham Technique to Hip Hop. She taught and performed hula for five years with a nonprofit Hawaiian school in Arlington, VA. This DC resident is a journalist, culinarian and theater artist who works with arts, media and youth organizations.

    Philip Durity

    I am the owner of Phil-N-Out Fitness in Olney, Maryland, offering Fitness Boot Camps, Aquatic, Personal & Athletic Training. My life has always revolved around Sports & Fitness. Growing up playing Football, Baseball, and Wrestling has taught me that fitness is a way of life, not just in competition. With early influence from a family member who’s a former bodybuilder, I got my foot in the door at age 14. My training philosophy is "Nothing in life worth achieving comes easy" and I translate that into my training method. I am certified through National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) & American Council on Exercise(ACE).  (check out my Youtube video here)


    Susan Feller

    Unhappy with the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches that she found offered at most gyms, Susan entered into personal training at the age of 60 with the goal of helping people achieve the optimal level of health possible within the unique context of their individual abilities and circumstances.  She is an ACE and Arthritis certified personal trainer, specializing in conditions such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes, MS, breast cancer recovery, weight issues, or injury recovery.  She works with clients to develop a well-balanced and fulfilling approach that includes sequential cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises, but also emphasizes the importance of motivation and drive. This holistic, tailored, and compassionate approach allows her to do more than just design fun exercise routines, but to truly motivate, inspire, educate, and challenge her clients.

    Sylvia Greene

    After retirement from 42 years of local government and private sector employment, I decided to pursue part-time work as a certified senior fitness instructor. I currently instruct senior fitness classes and water aerobics for H20 fitness. I'm having a ball! It makes me feel great to help my generation the "Baby Boomers", live healthy and productive lives as we get stronger and better, at this game called life.

    Linda Grymes

    Linda is an International Fitness Presenter and Trainer, and founder of LG total Fitness located in Seat Pleasant, Maryland.  She is a certified aquatics instructor and CEC provider for AEA.  Linda teaches aqua aerobics, kickboxing, abs and glutes and is also an aquatic personal trainer in the greater Washington, DC area.

    2758 heather harris.jpg (34284 bytes)

    Heather Harris

    Heather holds many certifications and teaches many types of classes throughout the Metro area. Her credentials are: Trainer and Instructor for the National Arthritis Foundation - AFYAP/AFAP, PACE and ASHC; Trainer and Instructor Water Fitness for YMCA; Water Fitness Personal Trainer and Instructor AEA; Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) AFPA and YMCA; Yoga certified instructor AFPA and Yogafit Level I and Senior Yogafit; and CES (Cancer Exercise Specialist).

    2773_cheryl_harrod.jpg (11276 bytes)

    Cheryl Harrod 

    Cheryl is a certified aquatic instructor with AEA and H2O fitness. She also holds has a certification in Pilates Mat Science I & II with AFAA. She is currently studying for her personal training certification and works at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex where she has been teaching deep water therapy for approximately 8 years. She is known for her shallow/deep/bootcamp format) which has her students screaming for mercy :-)

    Her career in water therapy started after she was forced to begin alternative cardio and weight training due to her arthritic problems. As a result she now enjoys helping other students to gain strength, flexibility, range of motion, agility and overall better health through water therapy. One of her favorite quotes is "when you execute a change, you rise to a new level of prominence"...execute your life change today towards better health.


    Ebony Jordan

    Ebony Jordan, wife and mother of 5 beautiful children, was born and raised in the Washington Metropolitan Area. She was invited to a Zumba class by her mother for the first time in 2012. This is where her mother saw her incredible energy and convinced Ebony to become a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She was then hired by Peggy Brower of H2o Fitness and has been an instrumental employee and team player. She has since added to her portfolio, Zumba Kids + Zumba Kids, Jr, Water Aeroics Certification, Indoor Cycling Certification, Aqua Zumba and is now a Beachbody Coach. For an updaed list of classes, please visit http://ejfitandwell.com


    Mary Krause

    Mary is a dance and dance fitness instructor in the Baltimore-Washington Area. She teaches aerobics, bellydance, African dance, bhangra, and specializes in senior health and wellness. She is a Zumba qualified instructor in Zumba Gold, Zumbatomic, and Aqua Zumba, is a member of AFAA, is an instructor of the Kukuwa African Dance Workout and is certified as a Shimmyfit instructor.

    Ines Kuperberg

    I was born and raised in Saxony, Germany and received my degrees as preschool teacher and Bachelor Social worker there.

    After giving birth to my 2 children in 2009 and 2011 in Arizona I worked as a swim instructor for very young children and taught prenatal water classes.

    Working with children is my passion. Here in the DC area I have the chance to teach children in German but I am also very excited to have the opportunity again to instruct the Aqua Mommy class, a workout for Mommy and child at the Germantown Indoor Pool.

    Christina T Lazdins

    I'm a Swedish born exercise instructor and moved to the USA 21 years ago. I started teaching water aerobics and continued with deep water and water Arthritis classes now going on 11 years. The first 6 years I worked for Columbia Association where I was also trained. I took my AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association)certification for group exercise. Since then I've added on a Personal trainer certification with NASM (National Association for Sports Medicine), a Yoga certification with Yogafit and lastly a Zumba certification class.

    I have always enjoyed exercise. Before water I was cycling and downhill skiing mainly in the European Alps. I studied Aikido (Martial Arts) for 6 years in Sweden with a Japanese master, enjoyed dance especially Jazz Ballet from my teens on at a studio in Stockholm with a dancer from New York.

    I love teaching classes and the joy in seeing people rediscover what their bodies can do for them if they ask for it is so rewarding. Life is all about movement, movement, movement in water or out-of-water. It keeps you young at heart. Who needs age numbers when you feel what you feel? Bring on the Joy and Happiness that movement brings to life and Live life to its fullest.

    2764_sharon_mccoy.jpg (10377 bytes)

    Sharon McCoy

    I'm Sharon McCoy and I have been an exercise teacher since 1995. I am certified to each by the following organizations: AAA/ISMA (Land), Aquatic Exercise Association, The Arthritis Foundation, and H20 Fitness.

    Once I took an aquatics exercise class, there was no going back to land. I teach 16-18 classes per week. These include shallow aquatic classes, arthritis aquatic classes, multiple sclerosis aquatic classes, and deep water aquatic classes. Although my love is deep water, I truly enjoy all my students who have chosen aquatic exercise as a way of life. 

    I currently teach classes at The Prince Georges Sports and Learning Center for H2O Fitness, and at Riderwood Retirement Village for the Prince Georges Community College.


    Shawni Pair

    It's me, Shawni, and I am truly excited about the Zumba(R) Fitness program! Not only does it feed my desire to dance, exercise and perform, but it also allows me to share my passion with my daughters and my community as well. Although I am not a formally trained dancer, moving, grooving, and creating positive energy through movement comes naturally for me and I love it! I became an instructor in March 2012, 5 months after having my second daughter, and it does wonders in my quest to shed pounds and increase my energy level. It also allows me to help others to achieve their fitness goals in a fun and exciting way. My classes are high energy, fast paced and it's really a party! Check out my class schedule at http://shawnitapair.zumba.com. Join me and spread the Zumba Love in my classes in and around the DMV!

    2762_carroll_saunders.jpg (12068 bytes)

    Carroll Saunders

    I’m Carroll Saunders and I was certified through H2O Fitness in March 2004. I started out as a student of Sharon McCoy’s and had to stand in for her during an illness, after that incident I took the training and decided to become a substitute instructor. I was happy with this situation until the sudden death of my husband in 2005. I felt I needed to have something to do to occupy my mind. I have always loved the water and this was an opportunity to do something I liked as well as help others. I currently teach shallow water aerobics, deep water aerobics and aqua step aerobics at Rollingcrest Splash Pool and Prince Georges Community College.

    Carroll is certified through H2O Fitness in water aerobics and deep water exercise. She currently teaches at Rolling Crest Splash Pool and Prince George's Sports and Learning complex.

    Barbara Shammas

    I am a total water fitness person and I love to teach water exercise. I swam for fitness until I discovered water aerobics in 1995 at my outdoor pool. From the first moment of my first class, I loved being vertical in the water instead of always being horizontal. My head was out of the water, I could look around and see what’s going on and I could talk to my friends.

    I started training for shallow water aerobics in 1997 and have been certified with the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) ever since. I am also certified to teach Aqua Arthritis through the Arthritis Foundation.

    Currently, I teach deep and shallow water exercise, aqua yolates, and aqua arthritis classes at the Martin Luther King pool in Silver Spring, MD and at the Fairland Aquatics Center in Laurel, MD.

    I hope to see you in one of my classes!


    Teresa Shelton

    I’ve always enthusiastically channeled my high energy into a multitude of physical activities, including dancing, cycling, and hiking as well as various individual and team sports. I especially enjoy moving in the water.

    After earning a BS degree/certification in Kinesiology/Physical Education, I taught physical education to children and aerobics classes to adults; researched and wrote effective teacher strategies for Maryland State Department of Education; wrote physical education curriculum for the Montgomery and Howard County Public Schools Curriculum Guides; presented to educators at Maryland Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) Conventions, Maryland State Department of Education Conferences, and Howard and Montgomery County Public Schools staff development meetings; awarded "Outstanding Teacher of Physical Education".

    With my ongoing enthusiasm in health and fitness, I eventually discovered the wonderful world of water fitness classes and became certified to teach with H20 Fitness and Aquatics Alliance International (AAI). Currently, I teach various shallow and deep water classes at several indoor and outdoor pools and am the Director of children’s sports and fitness program. I absolutely LOVE the power and effect that teaching fitness classes have on my body, mind, and soul and strongly desire to share my passion with everyone!


    2776_stephanie_sidella.jpg (12404 bytes)

    Stephanie Sidella

    I was an Army brat and moved all over the world while I was growing up --  I guess that's why I love to travel so much!!  I went to Agnes Scott College and graduated with a Major in German and a Minor in French plus a Teaching Certificate -- which I've never used!   After college I started working for the National Security Agency.  After I married, I worked in Personnel (now Human Resources) for several years before having children.

    My husband was an airline pilot, so luckily I could stay home with the children until they were in Kindergarten.  But when my first daughter was only a few months old, I started having problems with my joints, etc., so I started taking water aerobics.......28 years ago!!   (So maybe it was just natural that someday I would teach it!)I took the training this summer (2005), and the rest is history!

    Sue Stimak

    I have loved the water all my life. I grew up in a small town in central New York. My parents had a cabin on a lake so I spent my summers in the water. My introduction to water aerobics began in 2004.

    I had recently lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers and was looking to add something new to my exercise program. A friend of mine suggested Peggy’s class, which she was enjoying. After retiring from teaching elementary school for 28 years it was “me” time. I was a student in Peggy’s shallow water aerobics class for 3 years before taking the H2o Fitness training in 2007.

    Being a water exercise instructor combines many elements which I love including; music, movement, teaching, friendship, & fun. I tell my new students I want them to do two things; move & smile.

    I currently teach deep water aerobics at the Martin Luther King Pool and both shallow and deep water aerobics at the Silver Spring YMCA. I am certified by the Arthritis Foundation to teach water arthritis classes. I also teach land based classes for seniors.

    Lane Tapley

    Lane has been AEA-certified Aqua Fitness Instructor since 2004. She likes to teach challenging formats, such as Aqua Boot Camp and Burdenko Water Walkers. Lane also manages her own marketing consulting business. She and her husband, Stephen, enjoy kayaking, hiking and traveling.

    Joann Thomas

    Hello, I'm JoAnn Thomas. I started out on this fitness journey at least twenty plus years ago. I started taking aerobic classes on my lunch hour. I loved it! Then one day it hit me, I said, "I can teach this stuff." The rest is history. I overcame personal problems with weight and lack of energy by exercising three to four times a week. Currently, I’m a personal trainer, I'm certified to teach hi/lo and step aerobics, strength training, kettle bell, and aqua. I'm a certified coach with RRCA (Road Runners Club of America). I've run marathons and ten mile races in the metropolitan area. I have an BA in Health Education. I'm thankful and grateful to God that he allowed me to start this fitness journey many years ago and I’ve been "keeping it moving" to this day.


    Kennedra Tucker

    Kennedra has a tremendous passion for health and wellness. She believes in the principle of lifetime fitness: exercising and making nutritious choices should begin in childhood and continue throughout a person’s adult life.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science & Physical Education from McDaniel College. The 2012-2013 school year, will mark her 7th year as a Physical Education Teacher for Prince George’s County Public Schools.  She regularly presents at professional development workshops for physical education teachers in PG.  She has also presented at the annual MAHPERD (Maryland Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) Convention for physical education and health teachers from across the state.  Currently, Kennedra is a certified aerobic instructor and personal trainer through AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America, certified Zumba instructor and certified cardio-kickboxing instructor thru AAAI/ISMA.  She enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals and make healthy changes that improve the quality of their life.

    Monique Tyes

    I have worked out for 8 yrs. concentrating only on running & weightlifting.  A few years ago, I tried a Pilates class & got hooked so my instructor encouraged me to get certified.  I did and have since been teaching Pilates & other core related classes. Since then I have become certified to teach ZUMBA and Water Aerobics.

    I believe that working out should be fun and fulfilling so my goal is to bring the fun to my class no matter what I am teaching.  My motto is, "Life is short, LIVE it!"

    2770_doris_walter.jpg (9867 bytes)

    Doris Walter

    Doris was a student in water exercise classes for six years before pursuing instructor training. She is currently certified as an instructor by both the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and the American Aquatic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA).  Doris has been teaching water exercise for six years; regularly teaches classes in deep water and shallow water as well as specialty classes such Abs and Gluts.

    Doris has participated in new instructor training and has assisted in workshops for instructor improvement.

    Monica Waters

    Monica is a native New Yorker.  She has loved dance and the water since her early childhood growing up in New York City.  She is a former member of the Joyce Harrigan Dance Co. in NY, as well as a former member of Spirit Wings Dance Co. in Laurel, MD.  Monica has studied dance at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.  She was exposed to Zumba and Aqua Zumba at a local gym in DC where she was a member taking classes.  While taking classes she said “I can do this!”  Monica is a licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Aqua Zumba Instructor.  She is also certified in Water Aerobics through H20 fitness.  “I love teaching Zumba Gold, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, as well as water aerobics.  It is a blessing to help my students get and stay active and become healthier.”

    Jewell Webb

    A few years ago, as a new nationally certified aerobics instructor, I was enthusiastic about getting into the fitness arena and showing what I had learned. What I didn’t know was that facilities were not eager to employ inexperienced, older instructors. Willingness, eagerness and energy accounted for nothing. A little discouraged, I happened upon the pool area of the Sports Complex in Landover and saw a water aerobics class going on. As I continued to observe, a very big, bright light bulb went off in my head and almost immediately I determined that teaching water aerobics was my destiny. I inquired and was told to call Peggy. In no time, I started on my journey to become a certified water aerobics instructor through H2O Fitness. That was almost 3 years ago and surprisingly, I have not lost my enthusiasm. Water aerobics is an activity that suits the majority of fitness levels, and with portion control, and other forms of physical activity, may improve your health. Added bonuses are better endurance, strength, and stress reduction. I would recommend that you check the H20 schedule and find a class in your area and do something good for your health.




    After retiring from nursing & as assistant manager of a health club, I decided to start my own land & water exercise programs. That was over thirty years ago. I discovered Peggy quite by accident while surfing the tv & found her there promoting H2O Fitness. That's when I gave her a call & became certified in 2003.It has been a pleasure working for Peggy & hope to continue as long as she will have this old lady in her employ. I also became certified in Aqua Arthritis & am currently studying for the AEA exam. I especially enjoy working with the older adult & hope to prove that age is just a number. I still teach my own group with some of the original members who started with me so long ago. Most are in their 70s & 80s, still working out & looking good.

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